¿Qué es un doctorado?

What is a PhD?, and what’s the difference between a PhD and a MSc degree?, what it takes to complete a PhD programme?.

You will find very useful information on the web. The following web sites can guide you and/or help you to make up your mind as they tell the pros and cons for pursuing a PhD degree. Hopefully, they can help prospective students to make a sound decision about their future graduate studies.

The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.

What is the Difference Between a Master’s Degree and a Doctoral Degree?

What is a PhD?

PhD study: what is a PhD? (this site is particularly useful. Navigate
the right hand side «PhD study» menu for much more info: PhDs
Explained, Making Choices, Doing a PhD, etc)

Is a PhD the right option for you?

Not for love or for money – why do a PhD?

Doctorado del Departamento de Recursos Hídricos